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Emerging Alternative Plans

Our alternative proposals deliver many of the same regeneration benefits as the approved proposals, but locate public outdoor space at the heart of the scheme while creating a more permeable layout with new outdoor pedestrian routes.

Comparing the two schemes
Use Approved Proposals (m²) Alternative Proposals (m²)
Foodstore 8,730 1,300
Shoppers Parking Spaces 320 spaces 45 spaces
Shops/Restaurants/Cafés 1,800 1,630
Pub 700 480
Offices --- 600
Community Uses 380 280
Gym 2,130 990
Residential 26,400 (229 homes) 39,500 (up to 390 homes)
Residential parking 100 spaces Approx 125 spaces
Public outdoor space 2,210 4,370

Key features of the alternative scheme


  • Retail frontage along Burnt Ash Road and Eltham Road, with shops and cafés fronting the new public square.
  • A smaller foodstore at the corner of Burnt Ash Road and the new square.
  • Residential frontage along Leyland Road and Carston Close, with a mews style residential street linking Carston Close with the new public square.
  • A gym, community centre and office space at first floor level within the block closest to the junction.
  • A series of residential buildings arranged over the upper floors of each of the three blocks, overlooking enclosed communal gardens for residents.


A smaller foodstore will provide a convenient alternative to the larger Sainsbury’s opposite, while shops and cafés will predominantly cater for daily local needs. The gym and community centre will ensure activity during the evenings, as will the presence of a new residential community. The alternative scheme also includes office space, helping to ensure the development is sustainable.

East/West Section through the alternative proposals

East/West Section through the alternative proposals

North/South Section through the alternative proposals

North/South Section through the alternative proposals


We have kept within the maximum heights established by the approved proposals. Most of the residential buildings are up to eight storeys in height, with a ten storey landmark building overlooking the junction to the north. Building heights step down in places, with four storey building height along Carston Close to the south.


The foodstore and other shops will be served by a shoppers’ car park (approximately 45 spaces) accessed off Burnt Ash Road. There will be private residents’ car parking accessed from Leyland Road, and street parking and enclosed parking for affordable housing accessed from Carston Close. The ratio of parking spaces to homes proposed is approximately 50% and will be supplemented by a number of car club spaces.


The foodstore and a number of other shops will be serviced from a delivery lay-by proposed along Burnt Ash Road. The remaining shops, offices, pub and gym will be serviced from an existing lay-by on Eltham Road. Potential restrictions on hours of delivery will be subject to discussions with the local authority.