Indicative aerial view of the alternative plans looking east

Key Principles Moving Forward

In moving forward with our regeneration proposals, we reflected upon local priorities and feedback received from the community at earlier public consultations.

While offering a new vision for Leegate, we wanted our proposals to build upon the popular elements of the approved plans which were positively endorsed by the Lewisham Design Review Panel.

To ensure this, the brief we provided to our architects and landscape designers incorporated the following five design principles:


Extending the green boulevards

1. Extending the green boulevards: Our new plans retain an earlier intention to extend the ‘green boulevards’ of Eltham Road and Burnt Ash Road all the way up to the Tiger’s Head junction. Where appropriate, we intend to plant new trees or to replace the existing small trees.

Reinvigorate the District Centre

2. Reinvigorate the District Centre: Local people attending earlier consultation events were fully supportive of the idea that any redevelopment of the Leegate Shopping Centre should underpin and reinvigorate the historic role of the shopping centre at the heart of Lee Green.

Active street frontage

3. Active street frontage: We remain committed to the principle that a redevelopment should create active street frontage along Burnt Ash Road, Eltham Road, Leyland Road and Carston Close.

New housing

4. New housing: The need for new homes in Lewisham remains an important priority and most attendees at our consultation events accepted proposals for a meaningful number of new homes across a range of tenures, including affordable housing.

No increase in maximum building height compared with the approved plans

5. No increase in maximum building height compared with the approved plans: The approved scheme featured mostly eight storey building heights with a single ten storey building overlooking the Tiger’s Head junction. We propose to keep within these established height parameters, while increasing proposed housing along Carston Close from three to four storeys.