Indicative view of the new public square from Burnt Ash Road

Landscaping and the Public Realm

In response to earlier feedback, public realm and landscaping have become central to our proposals. We want to create a safe and welcoming environment, where residents and visitors alike can meet and spend time – a hub for the community.

Our current plans propose almost double the amount of public space compared with the approved scheme and feature a new, large public square. This will be open at its west-facing end towards Burnt Ash Road. Surrounding buildings have been designed to ensure that the square receives sunlight throughout the day.

It will be a public space where people can sit out and relax over a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, sheltered from street traffic. Pedestrian routes from the square to Eltham Road, Burnt Ash Road and Carston Close will help to create a lively environment and provide viable trading conditions for shops and cafés.

The draft plan of the new public square
The draft plan of the new public square

Our landscaping strategy involves extensive tree planting around the perimeter of the site, with tree species selected for their suitability to the urban environment. Trees planted within the new square will help to create a pleasant micro-climate

Bermondsey Square, Southwark

Bermondsey Square, a popular outdoor space in Southwark, is a market square that attracts visitors with its stalls, cafés, restaurants and outside seating. Leegate’s public space will be 30 metres by 65 metres and is being designed by the same landscape architects who delivered Bermondsey Square