Indicative aerial view of the approved scheme looking east

The Approved Scheme

Following public consultation between 2012 and 2014, St. Modwen submitted a detailed planning application in January 2015. This proposed:

  • a large foodstore (pre-let to ASDA) with 320 car parking spaces
  • shops, restaurants and cafés
  • an education centre
  • a pub
  • a gym
  • a new community centre
  • 229 new homes
  • linear public space on Burnt Ash Road
  • a covered pedestrian route linking Burnt Ash Road and Eltham Road.

Our plans were approved by the London Borough of Lewisham’s planning committee in May 2016, and were subsequently approved by the Greater London Authority in February 2017.

Despite their approval, we recognise there remains concern locally regarding aspects of the approved scheme, including:

  • The dominant nature of the large foodstore within the scheme
  • The local traffic impact from shoppers using their cars
  • Preference for a recessed public square, with seating further from the road
  • A desire for a fully outdoor pedestrian route through the site

The withdrawal of ASDA

In June 2017 it was announced that ASDA would not be renewing its pre-let agreement for a large store at the centre of the approved scheme.  While initially disappointing, the withdrawal of ASDA from the regeneration plans provides us with an opportunity to look again at the proposals and to address the concerns of local people.

St. Modwen remains committed to transforming Leegate for the benefit of the local community.

Removing the large foodstore provides the flexibility to create a larger public square and, potentially, to open up new pedestrian routes through the site. The proposal for a smaller foodstore would result in fewer shoppers travelling to and from the site by car and would reduce the impact of the scheme upon local traffic and air quality.

Using the space where the large foodstore and car park was located for additional housing (including affordable housing) will help address local housing need and support the current scheme's viability.